O.L.A.F. has ongoing mortgage servicing and law firm oversight on pools totaling over $2.5bn spanning across industry-leading services and default law firms. In addition, O.L.A.F. is currently working to diligence new pool acquisitions totaling over $300mm from both the pre-purchase and onboarding perspectives. O.L.A.F. is working on numerous ongoing servicing oversight projects with the following law firms, business purpose loan originators/servicers, and NPL/RPL buyers:

  • MCM Capital Partners ©
  • Lima One Capital ©
  • HOGAR Hispano ©
  • Hill Wallack, LLP © – Law Firm Billing Administration
  • Temple View Capital ©
  • Iterum Holdings ©
  • Anders Capital Group ©
  • SOA Seven Day Solutions ©
  • Green Seed Capital ©
  • NPI Investments ©
  • Hill Wallack, LLP © – Servicer Staffing Solutions

MCM Capital Partners is a leading residential whole loan mortgage investor, manager, advisor and technology provider. Since 2007 MCM has purchased, restructured or resolved more than 27,000 loans representing over $6.2 billion unpaid principal balance (“UPB”) of non-performing (“NPL”) and re-performing (“RPL”) residential whole loans across 41 pools on behalf of large institutional asset clients.

  • O.L.A.F. has aided in several business initiatives within MCM’s culture which has included process and operational reengineering to streamline operations and reduce expenses. We were able to reduce expenses in the foreclosure/bankruptcy divisions by ~25%, while achieving better performance. In addition, O.L.A.F. is currently working to diligence servicers from both the onboarding and continued oversight perspectives for MCM.

Temple View Capital utilizes long-term partnerships with real estate investors, borrowers, servicers and real estate professionals to develop optimal financing solutions for residential investment property acquisition, bridge loans, short-term credit resolutions or emergency refinance funds.

  • O.L.A.F. has assisted in the launch of Temple View. Through innovative recruiting projects and ideas, O.L.A.F. has aided in expansion of the brand. Additionally, O.L.A.F. has engineered unique and innovative product offerings for Temple View. O.L.A.F. has also worked to garner additional market share for the successful lender through launching and managing Google advertising campaigns. These campaign efforts including structuring, monitoring, proposing budgets, achieving the highest campaign quality through conversations with Google, and managing analytics and reporting to senior executives. O.L.A.F. has also partnered with industry law firm, realty, and title company partners to host events in strategic markets to aid with brand development. Lastly, O.L.A.F. has managed the lender’s vendor management segment from contract, diligence, to ongoing performance oversight. O.L.A.F. also works with servicers, REO asset management firms, lenders, and law firms on consulting projects.

Hill Wallack, LLP © is a best-in-class diversified law firm with a large default services area and several mortgage servicer and private equity NPL/RPL mortgageholder clients.

  • O.L.A.F. has assumed all law firm billing operations, processing and managing over 1,000 invoices per month. Additionally, O.L.A.F. and the firm are working together to apply principles to automate and streamline processes, and better integrate into the default industry.

ALTA Realty Co. is an REO asset management firm with a network of over 1,200 agents nationwide. Since its inception in 2015 ALTA has experienced rapid growth.

  • O.L.A.F. has aided in beginning the transformation process to bring ALTA from a single-threaded entity, focusing on real estate sales, to a real estate asset management firm with a focus on REO assets and traditional real estate sales. Recently O.L.A.F. led a complex RFP response to HUD to procure expanded market share for the successful firm. O.L.A.F. has also aided in policy and procedure generation and amendments to streamline operations. In addition, O.L.A.F., is performing diligence on technology providers within the space to propose an innovative solution to give ALTA an edge in its new turf.

O.L.A.F. also does short-term or quick consultation projects on various mortgage and real estate industry topics with law firms, the Mortgage Bankers Association ©, Guidepoint Global ©, and Gerson Lehrmen Group ©.

O.L.A.F. has previously successfully completed projects with the below industry partners

  • Bain Capital © – Auction Providers
  • Boston Consulting Group © – Auction Providers
  • Citigroup Credit Opportunities and Distressed Trading (Americas) © – REO Inventory Management
  • Boston Consulting Group © – Real Estate Services and REO Inventory Management
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