“His tremendous abilities never ceased to amaze me. I was Paul’s client and we worked together closely on several initiatives.” “He developed programs to mitigate vendor risk and reduce legal expenses during a time of industry volatility. His knowledge, transparent style, strategic thinking, and passionate effort to resolve asset-level matters has been a tremendous asset.” Paul’s great connection with our organization, and with his team, along with his relentless perseverance to always help his team be productive, motivated, and happy…”

Michael NiccoliniPresident – MCM Capital Partners LLC

“with whom I worked very closely for many years and on several initiatives.” “I asked Paul to leave San Diego and head up creation and oversight of our expanded Arizona Division. This required Paul to move to Arizona, furnish and staff the Arizona office and then run it! Being the team player he always was, Paul accepted the challenge and met every expectation I had.” If that wasn’t enough, after Paul had been in Arizona for a year and a half, I asked him if he was up for a new challenge. This one entailed developing and implementing a new division within the company, the Business Relations Department back in the San Diego office. This department would be responsible for managing the ever changing client and investor guidelines as well as client visits and audits, including coordinating remediation efforts. Given the ramifications for failing to properly implement Investor or client directives, this department was of the utmost importance. Further exacerbating matters was the fact that we already had a host of directives in need of tracking, governance documents and implementation. Once again Paul exceeded expectations by developing what we now know is the most dynamic client change management and audit department in the industry.” “I am grateful for his contributions to our organization and confident that he has the intelligence, work ethic and passion to do the same for you!”

Kevin McCarthyManaging Attorney – McCarthy & Holthus LLP

“O.L.A.F.’s knowledge of Bankruptcy, Complex Litigation & Foreclosure is unmatched and is a huge asset to our entire office. They put their diversified expertise to work to reduce foreclosure timelines, improve litigation management, eliminate attorney over-billings and increase morale.”

Justin WenkVice President – BSI Financial Services

“O.L.A.F. was instrumental in setting framework to transition ALTA to an REO Asset Management provider. Additionally, O.L.A.F. aided in exploration of new and creative technology solutions in the space. Their diversified expertise was a tool in uncovering issues in the market segment and proposing industry innovative solutions.”

Scott NighExecutive Director - ALTA Realty Co.
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